Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Let’s Have A Glance Over Obsolete Components And Its Distributers!

Electronic parts are the vital part of industries, as it is the only way by, which functioning of production of goods and other electronic appliances can be possible. However, common problem, which all the industries have to face, is the obsolete electronic parts. Thinking what are these? Then through this article let me put your glance on what are obsolete components and what step you should take, if you are searching for obsolete components.
What are obsolete components?
With the changing demands and needs, a lot of changes are being made in every field, especially in those fields where electronics parts are being used. This is the reason, why most of the components become outdated in a wink of an eye. And such components, which are being outdates are called as Obsolete Electrical Components.
Reasons why components become obsolete?
  • Shift in technology: The first and foremost reason of components becoming obsolete is due to shift in technology. With the faster rapid needs and changes various technological development are being made, which has led to upcoming of new components and degradation of old ones.
  • Changes in government policies: This is also the second most important thing, which makes components obsolete. Due to stringent rules and regulations of government, many industries have to stop their production on those respective components, which were being used in production of many electronics. And that’s the reason why those components which used to play an important part in the working of those electronics have become obsolete.
  • Environmental policies: Some components might be hazardous to environment also, which is also one reason for stopping the production of electronic components.
From all the above aspects, it’s clear that due to various reasons components become obsolete, which obvious a headache for those manufacturing industries, who used those parts in their production. But there's nothing to worry about, when electronic parts distributors are there! This is the best possible way from, which you can easily avail obsolete components.
Such distributers have stocks of various items that include batteries, capacitors, crystals, diodes, transistors, fuses, disc drives, IC's, flukes, LED displays, LCD displays, power supplies, lamps, production supplies, relays, wires, cables and switches. Moreover, one needs not to worry about quality standards, as they make sure to provide best quality components to their clients. In fact, if you require shipping also, then these distributers have shipment facility also, which makes easier for the clients to get large stock of obsolete components right at their door!

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Is it’ Obsolete Electronic Parts’ that you are looking for?

If you have been in the business of electronic manufacturing, then you must be aware of the various needs of the trade. You cannot negate the fact that every business has different needs and only a reliable distributor can fulfil all those.
One aspect of electronic manufacturing is obsolete electronic parts and their supply. Although, there has been a huge rise in the number of suppliers that claim to give the best obsolete components, but you can never trust on them blind folded. This is the reason why you should always keep into consideration the following facts when dealing with a component supplier –
  1. Are they offering exactly the same thing that you are looking for – when something becomes out-dated, it becomes difficult to find those in the market. Although, you can find distributors claiming to give such parts to you, but you need to make sure that they provide you with the similar parts that you are looking for. You cannot simply rely on the words of mouth coming from these suppliers, rather check the parts on your own before placing an order (either by going to the merchant’s place physically or asking for a sample first).
  2. Are they offering any guarantee – Guarantee is critical when it comes to ordering electronic parts. Why is it so important? The answer is simple, this can assure you that in case the components supplied are not up to the mark or break down in between, and then you can claim your money back. So, before you receive the shipment make sure that you have made the terms of guarantee clear with the merchant supplying the electronic parts.
  3. Is the distributor certified to carry out the trade? – certifications are important, because only a handful of traders can be trusted for supplying products that fall under the quality standards provided by the regulatory authorities in the trade? And quality is all that matters in the end, no matter which business you are dealing in. After all, your entire production is going to be dependent on these parts and you cannot take any risk with that. Can you?
All these above mentioned factors can help you in making a choice, when it comes to hiring an electronic component distributor who deals in obsolete components. So, before you move ahead with the task of hiring an electronic part supplier, do consider these facts and then make a wise decision.
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

How to choose the best electronic component distributor?

There are numerous industrial sectors that make use of electronic components. Those companies, which operate on large scale, often produce such components from different sources. These bespoke supplies are required for further use in manufacturing products, which the particular unit or company specializes in. Different companies have different requirements, and to meet those, it is necessary to contact a distributor that specializes in producing custom-made parts, or the ones which are built according to certain specifications.
Listed below are some of the checkpoints that should be remembered before choosing to procure parts from any electronic component distributor. Let's have a look at those checkpoints:
  1. Quality of the production: Make sure whichever distributor you choose, has a legacy behind it, of producing top-notch products and components. This is important because quality will have a direct bearing on the final product, for which that specific component has been procured. The reputation of your unit depends upon quality of the supplied goods. Checking the sample batch is one of the greatest ways of determining the quality of the end product. This is important to ensure that the machinery or the product doesn't break in the mid-way of production. Poor quality of parts can hamper the overall reputation.
  2. Affordability: It makes no sense to make your bank-balance suffer for procuring the same bespoke parts, which could otherwise be arranged for a much less and competitive price. That is why; one must do a bit of research in advance, so as to find a merchant that offers cost effective services. Make a list of distributors and then do research on each of them. Getting some third-party reviews and feedback about each of them can help you figure out which one to go for in a better way.
  3. Check the credentials: This is important to do because; some of the distributors claim to produce high-quality electronic parts, however the truth can be exactly opposite. This checkpoint should not be ignored. Often, some suppliers have the certificate authenticating their genuineness, but you should not risk the business by believing only on such certificates. Do some research work and ask other clients about the service quality offered by those distributors. It often turns out that manufacturers who claim to be well-known are actually worth-less.
Keeping all the above mentioned facts in mind, you can begin your search for a reliable supplier, who can help you in smooth running of you electronics manufacturing unit.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

How To Identify Genuine Electronic Products?

Buying of electronic products can be tricky, as well as difficult in most of the times. Especially when there is need for large scale electronic products, there are various things to be looked in; right from a reliable electronic component distributer to the electronic products. This is important in order to avoid mistakes while buying of electronic products. As sometimes a single mistake can end up giving low quality and non-genuine products, which eventually take a company into losses.

For those who are in search of electronic parts and thinking how to judge the genuine factor in them, then this article will bring some of the facts forward, which one should bear in mind before buying of electronic components:

  • Guarantee: The first and the foremost point, which helps to identify the genuine factor of electronic parts is the 'guarantee'. This ensures the buyer that the product is tested and then handed over to the client. Moreover it also assures the client that he/she can any time replace the component if there is any malfunction occurs.
  • Warranty: Apart from guarantee, warranty of product is equally important. This helps a customer remind that he or she can easily get the electronic parts replaced or repaired, if consequential damages occur.
  • After sale service: Warranty & guarantee is the most common and important factor which gives an assurance to the customer about the parts. However these are not the only factors which prove that the parts are genuine. Besides that after sales service also plays a vital role in describing the genuine factor of components. One can also expect to an advantage of getting free transportation, installation from the stocking distributer. Moreover an individual can even clarify about the product and as well as file a complaint later on, if any problems occurs.
  • Functions same as original ones: While buying components, buyer would always have certain doubts in their mind. For instance, do the components offer same functioning as their original components used to? Hence, one should make sure to check the functioning factor, in order to make sure that the components are genuine.
  • Heating effects: Before buying any component one should check the heating tendency of the appliances, before and after the replacing of its parts. This is because if electronic part tends to increase the heating effect, then it shows that the component is not genuine and should be immediately removed, before that it destroys the appliance.
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