Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Looking for a Reliable Electronic Component Distributor, Let’s know - How to Evaluate?

Our lives are significantly intertwined with the usage of various electronics devices for the comforts and utility; it is hard to live without these even for a day. Electronics have a universal appeal, finding their use in a wide array of industries such as military, automotive, telecommunication and medical. These industries rely majorly on the services of electronic component distributor for a broad array of their manufacturing needs of electronic assemblies and appliances.

However, finding a reliable and efficient distributor of electronic components is very crucial to sustain the process of production of goods and items by the manufacturer. The points mentioned below would help to evaluate the competency of an electronics component supplier to a greater extent.

A good electronics component distributor should deal in quality and useful products, which will satiate the requirements of the electronics manufacturing companies.
A good sourcing and supplier network is employed by the components distributor to deliver all unique products at affordable prices that are useful for the manufacturers. This network of suppliers is also scrutinized effectively in order to deliver high quality products and decrease the failures and returns of products. This is useful in time and helps in increased sales and enquiries.
A distributor should treat its clients with a lot of consideration and employ a good support team that helps to provide efficient, upfront and knowledgeable services to them. Good co-ordination and effective networking are essential for reliable distributor services. Technical support staff should be efficient at handling the queries of the clients, which may be prior to the sale or after it.
There should be a mutually beneficial relationship between a distributor and a manufacturer; this goes a long way in protecting the interests of both in business and legal aspects.
It is important to have a fast dispatch and shipping policy along with transparency about shipping costs and custom handling procedures.
An electronics distributor should utilize effective evaluation policies in order to assess any inefficiency, performance, feedback of customers and areas of improvement.
A distributor tends to maintain balance and professionalism even in times when the business propositions may not be rewarding or easy. In cases of refunds or misused returns, a company might have to suffer losses due to a refund; a competent distributor will focus on serving the client better than looking for gains.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What To Keep In Mind While Choosing Electronic Component Distributor

The market for electronic goods has surpassed all expectations in recent years. The areas that were once considered too far-flung and remote to make use of modern technology, today, enjoy access to all modern amenities. However, despite the growing demand of electronic appliances, the competition is tough and running a successful electronic goods manufacturing company without a reliable electronic component distributor is quite inconceivable. Unless a manufacturing unit is backed by a dependable component supplier who can provide all type of electronic parts under one roof and in a timely manner, producing high quality goods and delivering them well in time to the clients is impossible.

The reputation and standing of any electronic gadgets and appliances manufacturing company depends on the consistently superior quality of its products and timely delivery. If you are looking for an electronic component distributor whom you can depend on for strategic support and long term association, keep in mind the below given points:

1.You must make sure that the distributor you choose is known for supplying high quality components, consistently. It is important that electronic component distributor under consideration has an in-house quality testing facility to make sure that every single component that it supplies is of top quality.

2.It is imperative that the component distributor you intend to deal with maintains a vast inventory of all type of components so that you have an access to a huge supply at a short notice. Make sure that the supplier is capable of delivering these components to your manufacturing unit within 48 hours.

3.Timely delivery of electronic components is another factor that cannot be emphasised enough. In today's competitive business environs, any delay can easily translate into loss of business and reputation that you had built with years of hard work. Don’t hesitate to ask upfront and insist that that the required quantity of electronic components should reach your manufacturing plant in time to ensure uninterrupted production. Any supplier who ensures timely delivery without compromising on quality should never be ignored.

4.The electronic component distributor you choose should have in-house capabilities of designing and developing PCB. It’s best if it has a well equipped production facility so that all your outsourcing needs can be met.

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